The following explains  the only guarantees and warranties provided by the Breeder to the Owner.

General Health Warranty:

  1. Subject to the following, the Breeder guarantees that the Puppy is generally and healthy at the time the Owner took puppy to its home.
  2.  The General Health Guarantee shall remain in effect for 72 hours from when the Owner takes the puppy from the breeder. The General Health Guarantee shall automatically expire at the conclusion of the 72 hour period and, thereafter, the Breeder shall have no further obligations to the Owner under the General Health Guarantee.
  3. If the veterinarian determines and provides a written opinion that the Puppy has a chronic or serious health problem or condition, the Owner may return the Puppy, at their expense, to the Breeder and the Breeder will refund the price or deliver another puppy to the owner from the next available litter.
  4. The General Health Guarantee is void if a veterinarian determines that the Puppy’s chronic or serious health condition was created, caused, or induced by the Owner’s abuse or lack of care for the puppy.

Genetic Health Guarantee:

  1. Subject to the following the Breeder guarantees that the Puppy is free of any genetic disorder (“Genetic Health Guarantee”).
  2. The Genetic Health Guarantee  remains in effect for 24 months following the birth of the puppy
  3. If within the time period of the Genetic Health Guarantee at least two qualified veterinarians confirm that puppy has a genetically derived life threatening or life altering disorder that is sufficiently serious as to render the puppy unsuitable as a companion pet or to warrant euthanasia of the PUPPY, the Breeder agrees upon provision of such reports as the Breeder reasonably requires to provide Owner with the following options:
    a) To keep the Puppy. If the Owner chooses to keep the Puppy, the Breeder will cover 75% of vet bills directly related to treatment of the genetic disorder to a maximum of 1000€. The Breeder will repay the fund after receiving veterinary bills. The Breeder will not cover the cost of diagnostic testing, any expenses incurred prior to diagnosis by the second veterinarian selected by Breeder, or any shipping or travel costs.
    b) To return the Puppy to the Breeder. If the Owner choose to return the Puppy to the Breeder, the Breeder will, either:
    i) provide a replacement puppy to the Owner as soon as such a puppy is available . The Owner must pay for any shipping or miscellaneous charges associated with transport of original puppy and of a replacement puppy.
    ii) refund 1000€ to Owner.
  4. The Genetic Health Guarantee does not cover maladies that are common among any living creatures, including but not limited to: ear infections, food or environmental allergies, misaligned teeth, low grade heart murmur, infections, hernias, ingestion of foreign objects, injuries sustained, illnesses contracted, death, etc.
  5. The Owner shall abide by the following requirements:
    a) Feed the Puppy a high quality diet.
    b) Not overfeed the Puppy or allow the Puppy to become overweight as this would add increased weight to joints and bones as they’re developing.
    c) Not solely provide the Puppy with a raw diet during the first year of the Puppy’s life.
    d) Not walk the Puppy more than 30 minute twice a day during the first year of the Puppy’s life.
    e) Not take the Puppy for a run or jog during the first year of the Puppy’s life.
    f) Not go up and down flights of stairs regularly.
  6. Other than the General Health Guarantee and the Genetic Health Guarantee, the Breeder does not provide any further guarantees or warranties to the Owner.
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